Saturday, April 7, 2018

For Scuba Diving Cartagena Is Worth Visiting

By Mark Perry

Scuba diving has existed since the twentieth century. It is closely linked to the history of the scuba equipment. It basically began with the development of two architectures for the underwater breathing device, namely open and closely circuit apparatus. The open circuit surface supplied the equipment is where the diver exhaled gas gets vented into the water directly. It developed further by the introduction of demand regulators. When in need of Scuba Diving Cartagena should be visited.

Later, this was followed by the development of a diving suit. The suit enables the diver to be supplied with air as required. This can be done by just adjusting air flow from the tank according to the breathing pressure requirements of the diver. The air was supplied from the surface because the design of the cylinder back then could not withstand the high underwater pressures.

Air cylinders were developed in the early nineties. This enabled divers freedom to move around and explore the underwater. Nowadays the open circuit consists of a cylinder that has compressed air which the diver carries on their back. The compressed air is attached to some pressure regulator, which the diver can adjust manually.

It has two gauges with one meant for pressure of the tank and another one meant for the supply pressure. The air is supplied continually to the mouth piece and then ejected via the short exhaust tube. The pipe has a valve that is used to regulate the air. Though so far it has really improved but still is under further development.

According to studies inventors are on the search of a way they can make scale down the whole system. The aim of this idea is to increase the valuable time of underwater breathing apparatus. Closed circuit and the open circuit apparatus were developed at around the same time. In this system the carbon dioxide gas the diver exhales is allowed to recirculate back after being filtered with unused oxygen.

People use a little amount of oxygen when underwater as revealed by research. Oxygen is reduced by the recirculation. The system is designed with a rebreather for recycling the exhaled gas while simultaneously refilling it from the supply tank. This way oxygen is never depleted as the supply of air is kept constant. The first design was a prototype with a rubber mask fastened onto a breathing bag.

The bag contains sixty percent of oxygen supplied by a cooper tank and carbon (IV) Oxide scrubbed by a rope yarn soaked in a caustic solution. The system is also still under further development over time. The current model has really improved and can travel up to a thousand feet deep the ocean. It also has the ability to hold greater amounts of oxygen.

People engage in this activity for a number of reasons. There are those who do it for sport while others do it as a profession. Those who do it for sport usually crave the thrill it provides when they engage in deep sea diving or cave diving. Those who take it as a profession are employed to partake in underwater tasks. The military also uses it for infiltration and direct combat.

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