Friday, April 27, 2018

Importance Of Bhutan Cultural Tours In Education

By Kevin Howard

Cultural exchange is necessary for students all over the world. Remember that education and ability to access knowledge are the key factors to promote cultural heritage. As part of the curriculum, it is relevant to involve Bhutan cultural tours into learning. Through the tours, the students will get involved in both the tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Students need to be exposed to the outside world which enhances educational development.

It is sad when students do not understand their origin and the advantages of traditional heritage. This provides an opportunity for them to reason widely not just from what they learn in the classroom. They will also appreciate their cultures and even get involved in activities that promote them. This is also one way of reducing the racial sensitivity experienced in most institutions. The article provides an overview of the advantages of these trips.

Traditional trips are beneficial when it comes to heritage preservation. In the current years, the technological advancements are becoming rampant and taking the place where these traditions are ignored. During the visits to a particular ethnic community, one will notice how they try to share their culture through their music and dance. This will help in reminding people the need for tradition. Students will understand the role of cultural heritage.

Making new friends can be a challenge especially in a situation that both parties do not share a common language. This is because they cannot communicate and understand each other. However, there are different ways that can lead to the development of connections. For instance, during the trips, the students will have a chance to interact and share ideas with the locals. Through their songs and dance, they can get to interact and even develop a passion for certain traditions.

Students should be exposed to different traditional heritage to be able to change their perspectives regarding the different traditions. Through the interaction with the locals, they get a clear view of what it meant being a part of that community. Some students will even get the chance to engage in the traditions they find interesting. This is important to change their attitude toward a certain community within the country and instead embrace them.

Attending to lessons can be boring at times. Teachers will notice that some of the learners lose their attention during the lessons. However, organizing these traditional trips is necessary not only to make learning interesting but to also reinforce the learning process. The trips also involve the practical part of what is gained in the classroom. The learners get exposed to the environment and understand more about the origin of a particular community.

Besides from classwork, the students get to create new memories that they make with their friends during the trip. Taking the students to a new environment allows them to learn to work together as a team in a normal group outside the class. They get new and fun learning experiences.

Students will need to appreciate the different traditions of other communities. During the trip, they get exposed to different cultures that are necessary to change the way they view the beliefs and traditions of others.

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