Friday, April 6, 2018

Make Your Vacation Memorable With Tibet Mountain Touring

By Carl Russell

Asia is one of the best continents to explore for an unforgettable vacation experience. It is filled with magnificent mountains and rolling hills that are just perfect for trekking. One of the all time favorite activities for most vacationers is Tibet mountain touring.

The nation of Tibet has a somewhat mysterious allure to tourists. It lies right by the Himalayas. The mountain range is a haven for trekkers from all corners of the globe all through the year. There are a plethora of magnificent monasteries, national parks and lakes that make up the pristine surroundings. Whether you want to explore the lands on horseback or are interested in trekking, the local tour companies should be able to provide the experience you desire.

The trails in the area are not hard to traverse regardless of the skill or experience that one has. The Gandan to Samye trail is regarded as being the longest and is among the highly traversed routes. The average trek through it lasts from four to five days. It is a route famed for its two 5000 meter passes, offering a heavenly view to trekkers. The two passes are Chitu La and Shuga La.

The best thing about trekking is that it also gives one the opportunity to explore the local culture. The routes are littered with nomad camps, monasteries and other sacred sites. The two most significant religious centers in the nation are the Samye and Gandan monasteries.

It takes about three days to traverse the route between Shalu and Nartang. It is arguably the shortest trail in the area. Historically, traders used it to market their wares in the surrounding regions. You will see evidence of this in the inscriptions that the ancient travelers made on the rocks that line up the trail. The local villages and canyons are also remarkable.

One highly challenging trail to check out is the road to Mt. Kailash. It gets traversed by many pilgrims through the year. Many consider it to be the holiest mountain in the Asian continent. Your trek will certainly give you a cultural, spiritual and physical perspective to it all. The lush vegetation along the route is an attraction that is also worth noting.

Another great route to check out is the Tsurphu to Yangpachen trek. There are lots of magnificent valleys along the way, with the imposing Yangpachen Valley marking the end of the trail. The best features of this trip are the hot springs, nomadic culture, monasteries and alpine tundra. If you have always wondered how nomadic herders live in the alpine tundra, this trip would be perfect for you.

A visit to Everest base camp should be the penultimate point of your visit. Besides offering an unrivaled view of Mount Everest, it is surrounded by lots of wildlife. There are fantastic ice valleys and tall glaciers as well.

Winter, from November to March, is not an ideal time to visit. By then, the roads and mountains are largely inaccessible as a result of heavy snowfall. The rains also pound the area from July to August, creating a mess in the trails.

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