Sunday, April 22, 2018

Nuptials On The Beach Include A Drone Wedding Video Florida Keys

By Barbara Young

As difficult as it is to believe, there are still crazy people in this world who get married on purpose rather than in Vegas. While they should probably be getting their heads examined, they instead plan to pick up that ball-and-chain on a warm, sandy beach. These couples definitely need a drone wedding video Florida Keys.

Of course, you can get your cousin Leonard to fly his homemade neighbor spy cam for free. There are likely to be entertaining snippets left between frames of your rainy day nuptials that include Mrs. Jones and her pool boy. If cousin Leonard is REALLY careless, he might even leave footage of the party he held at that pool after the two of them ran off from Mr. Jones, taking the maid and his bank account with them.

Oh wait, there was something mentioned about rainy day nuptials I believe. It is most probable that cousin Leonard would be unable to make his spy fly take to the air on a rainy day. In fact, his modified toy RC helicopter can barely navigate through a gentle breeze, let alone a tropical storm.

Naturally, there has to be a representative of the religious community present for these ancient rites of passage. While some people might prefer to bring the one who performed their own fundamental brainwashing many years ago, this might not be possible. Should the wedding be scheduled for a Sunday, the possibility of bringing their own church clown lessens.

In the off chance that the couple is still not listening to us, and they fail to reconsider this whole wedding and starting a family trend, we do have a whole team of licensed zealots on hand to perform their ceremony in the manner that they prefer. In fact, if you profess to a faith that is uncommon, we are confident that we can still find you a zealot in time for your big day. This service is included in the fee.

Not a bride was born ever who acted apathetic or unconcerned when it comes to who is expected to be in attendance on her special day. We have serviced many a bride who was adamant about their entire school alumni as well as generations of family be there. For that girl becoming a woman, there is nothing more important than having everyone she has ever known for an hour or longer be present to see her in a dress.

The rain does not fall mainly in the plain because it falls mainly at the Panhandle during certain times of the year. However, our licensed, trained, bonded, insured, and experienced drone pilot with a degree in photography will be ready. They will use great haste in ordering lesser-paid workers to erect the most elegant enclosure that ever kept a beach wedding on the menu.

The audio techs work separately from the video pilots. This is an important aspect of the package we are offering. The pilot can fly high enough that no one in attendance will hear the whir of the engine, while the audio recording equipment is close enough that the oaths spoken will be audible in the final production.

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