Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sites To Explore During Ghost Hunting Tours Texas

By Henry Cole

Talk of paranormal activity often sparks fear in many people. Some, however, light up at the thought of exploring the mysterious travails of the paranormal. If you have a keen interest in the world of oddities, you might want to sign up for ghost hunting tours Texas.

There are a plethora of tour firms that offer guided trips in the area. Texas is rife with claims of ghostly apparitions, with hotels, homes and cemeteries being top sites. An extensive tour of the area should definitely quench your thirst for knowledge of the supernatural world.

One building that regularly gets talked about in town is the Prince Solms Inn. This property lies just by the Guadalupe River and has long been used to house visitors from outside the state. The vintage appeal that the interior of the building holds is something to admire, more so the expansive staircase that leads up to the furniture filled guest rooms.

A set of old pictures lie across the wall that lies beside the staircase. On many occasions, guests have reported seeing some of the figures in the images move as they climbed up the staircase, just like the photos in Harry Potter movies. A vintage piano that is still functional lies in the basement. One peculiar thing about the inn is that one gets the sense that he is being watched by an entity, whether when making merry at the bar with fellow revelers or when in the room.

Ensure you include the Blue Light Cemetery in your itinerary as well. It is a burial ground that dates as far back as the 1800s. It was shut down by the authorities owing to many complaints about devilish nighttime rituals and vandalism. The locals usually say that a demon was once conjured by Satanists and still roams the cemetery to date. The locals always warn visitors to seek protection from God through prayer before going in.

Another location that will bring the creeps out of you is the Faust Hotel. It was built and commissioned for use in the 1920s. Its distinct 20th century architecture tells a lot about its origins. A large portion of its original decorations still lie intact. It carries a somewhat supernatural feel with it, with many people reporting an uncontrollable urge to venture into it just after seeing it for the first time.

These days, a grill and bar make up the ground floor. It also has large halls that get booked for events and weddings on a regular basis. Guests often opine that a ghost exists in the building. Many claims border on being woken up by some heavy breathing from an unseen source. There is no doubt this would be a great place to reside in for a night if ghost stories often enthrall you.

The Woodbine Hotel should cap your tour. Its interior section is believed to be roamed by a female entity. It is often said the spirit shatters windows, opens and closes doors, throws objects around and terrorizes guests with its nighttime footsteps.

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