Thursday, May 24, 2018

A Guided Review Of Riviera Nayarit Vacations

By Timothy Miller

One of the best tourist destinations in South America is Mexico. Every year, thousands of tourists visit to enjoy the long stretches of coastal sandy beaches. Here is a sneak preview of what one should expect from Riviera Nayarit vacations.

This region traverses a massive 200 miles of coastal boundary on the Mexican side of the Pacific Ocean. It prides itself with being home to many resorts, blissful looking towns and beaches besides its unique history. Since tourism is a top revenue generator in the region, the government pumps a lot of cash in it just to maintain its tourist status. The locations mentioned in this article are among the most flocked all year long.

The first and most popular stop among tourists in the area is Sayulita. It is largely low key and offers a kind of serenity that is unrivaled in the country. It is also famed for the bohemian touch to its buildings, with most of them being low rise. When exploring the place, most tourists walk barefoot. The location is more of a beach village as opposed to a town.

Vendors always line the streets selling a wide range of curios and freshly plucked fruits. If you do not fancy the idea of strolling barefoot, simply board a golf cart and explore the streets. Many surfers also flock the area thanks to the constant presence of huge waves pounding the beach. There are paddle boarding and surfing lessons available on site.

Finding a good place to reside when around should be easy. The most outstanding local facility is the Playa Escondida Resort. Nestled on a cliff close to the beach, this gem features 24 rooms. All rooms are villa like, with roomy patios, king size beds and Mexican tiled floors. It also boasts an infinity pool that is safe for both kids and adults. You might want to travel with a tour agency as it is likely to negotiate a better accommodation rate as opposed to doing it alone.

Punta Mita is another wonderful location located near Sayulita. The locals used to primarily depend on fishing before tourism took over. In the past, a spring festival would be held each year by the ancient Huichol Indians who used to inhabit the area. With an abundance of top class resorts, one need not think too much about where to get accommodation. International golf courses are a standard feature in most of the resorts. Tourists love using this area as a frontier to the Marietas Islands.

If you have an active interest in wildlife and general marine life, you should also head to Nuevo Vallarta. It lies on Banderas Bay, which holds the record for the biggest natural bay in the whole country. It is renowned for its large population of humpback whales, hawksbills and leatherback turtles throughout the year. The only Starbucks cafe in the entire Riviera Nayarit region is also situated here.

There are lots of other great sites to check out. They include Chacala Bay, San Blas and Puerto Vallarta. Their highlights are their wildlife, unique building and beaches. Make your vacation memorable with a visit to the area.

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