Friday, May 11, 2018

A Visit To Some Interesting Museums Lowell

By Margaret Lee

You are probably reading this article right now because you are on vacation. You are probably on vacation right now in Lowell and are just dying to go out and see some sites and something interesting before you leave. There are of course a few museums Lowell has to offer that may tickle your fancy and make your visit worthwhile. Do read on for some tips on where to go.

Prior to you just stepping out of your hotel and walking around, it is probably a good idea to have a local map of the place. This map should pinpoint exactly places of interest in the town so it can at least save you some research time. It will also show you relative distances of each so you can plot your course of adventure much easier.

A recommended first will be a visit to the Boots Museum, which is basically dedicated to the time the town entered the Industrial Revolution, shortly after the invention of the cotton gin. It also showcases how industrial workers lived at the time, which is something not to be bragged about at all due to the harsh living conditions of the day.

Next notable museum that one can visit is somewhat a hybrid art gallery and museum. It is a building which houses 245 working art studios and is called collectively as the Western Avenue Studios. These working art stations are open for the public only on the first Saturday of each month from noon to five pm. The general art gallery however opens noon onward on the days of Wednesday to Sunday. If you are not much of an art buff, you can take just a short jaunt next door to the Navigation Brewery for some great craft beer and local food delights.

If you are more for specialty museum, most of which deal with arts and crafts and the like, then you would most likely visit the New England Quilt Museum. Quilting is a distinctively American art form so it definitely deserves its own place in history. This place is the home of antique and contemporary quilts and they also have quilt classes for you to learn this slowly dying skill and art form.

Trains are also something of interest to almost all children of any age, and there is a train museum in Lowell represented by the National Streetcar Museum. Most of the exhibits will showcase trams and tramcars but there are sections with exhibits for locomotives. The second floor is where children have the most fun as this is more like a place where one can role-play being a tram conductor and operator. This museum is one that the whole family can enjoy, especially ones with smaller children.

And of course you should not forget to visit the Mogan Cultural Center. It is a research center dedicated to preserving the multi ethnic culture of the local town and is also a resource center for socio-cultural studies. It also provides a snapshot of what the entire state went through in terms of social change in the advent of the Industrial Revolution in America.

In sum these are just a few recommended places for visiting, but there are of course plenty of others. Please choose as many places to visit to enrich your stay and increase your knowledge. But remember to always have fun doing it also.

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