Saturday, May 12, 2018

Bus Service Vero Beach: Enjoy The Commute

By Susan Price

The issue of how to travel sometimes becomes an issue. To rent a car or to rely on bus service Vero Beach? It really comes down to preference and what works best for the individual but there is a strong case to be made for the latter. The first thing to think about is how quickly the commute can be. Imagine the time and energy that would be lost trying to maneuver the traffic and later to find a parking spot?

If one decides to rent a car. There will be rental fees. The company is not just going to lend their cars others they would not be in business. Then there will be the burden of fuel cost, which falls entirely on the client. Taking public transport only costs a little bit. The fare paid to the company is nothing compared to the alternative. Save some of that money for worthy experiences.

It is human nature to savor finding kindred spirits. The shuttle allows one to get a feel of the people in the town. Their hospitality is incredibly heartwarming. One will find themselves roped into interestingly wild chats on the drive with a total stranger. The people are also very generous with tucked away gems for people who are seeking an out of the box experience. Those are never advertised on public domain.

One of the biggest problems looming over the world right now is the issue of pollution. This is why car companies are trying so hard to come up with energy efficient and environmentally efficient vehicles in an effort to save the future. Choosing to take public transportation is choosing to keep one more car off the road thus contributing in a small albeit important way to the global environmental welfare.

The point of being on vacation is to take time to appreciate the surroundings. Notice beauty in the natural surroundings. Something one might not have a lot of time for while they are struggling to make it to work and meetings on time. Give up the driver seat and take in the scenery. Appreciate it. Savor it. Enjoy it.

While safety is not always guaranteed, there is no reason one should go for a safer option. The shuttles are better maintained and subjected to more service mechanics than personal cars or even the rental cars in most cases. This makes them less prone to accidents due to technical mishaps. The drivers are also more rigorously trained and vastly experienced.

While driving oneself around on vacation, one has to constantly confer with the maps and GPS lest they wind up at the border of the country by some strange miracle. If someone else who knows the town better is at the steering wheel, there is no need for maps. There is no chance that one will take a wrong turn on the freeway and lose all sense of direction from that point forth.

How often has it been heard hat a bus was delayed due to weather? It is highly unlikely. Even when there is a technical difficulty, the shuttle is replaced with another pretty quickly. The company is still able to keep time despite problems unlike other forms of transportation. This is especially important if one is venturing out of town for the day or two. It will be hard to be stranded if one relies on the public transportation system.

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