Sunday, May 27, 2018

Discovering Two Harbors Whale Watching Catalina Island

By Margaret Taylor

While there are often a number of different harbor tours out of San Francisco and Newport, California, some are better than others. When it comes to the North Bay, there are a number of tours including those to Angel Island and Alcatraz. Whereas, when it comes to those sailing from Newport, the most popular is often a trip related to Whale Watching Catalina Island.

While the initial departure is mainly focused on arriving at Catalina Island, the return trip offers opportunities to view migrating grey whales and other sea life. While on the island, guests can have a nice lunch at a number of restaurants or enjoy the many shopping opportunities the island has to offer. After which, guests can often view a number of Harbor seals, migrating grey whales and shore birds catching fish along the shoreline.

As with other layovers, the Captain will provide a pick up time which travelers need to adhere to in order not to miss the return cruise back to the original destination. As such, it is important to add extra time following activities such as dining and shopping in order to make it back to the dock on time for pick up. For, while some companies will wait for late arrivals, these cruises are known for on-time arrivals and departures.

As the return trip is where most of the whale watching and other sea life viewing takes place, missing the return can often be costly in other ways. For, while some sea life viewing may take place on the trip to the island, far more takes place on the return trip.

After which, the cruise returns back to home port on the mainland of Southern California. Once arriving back in Newport Harbor around 6 p. M., it is the perfect time of day to catch a nice dinner and watch the sunset over the harbor. For, while fun, touring Catalina Island and viewing the many magical creatures whether on land or sea can often be an enjoyable though tiring experience.

Pricing can vary between $50 to $100 with a number of different discounts available. For more information on pricing, interested parties can visit the Two Harbors website for more information and to make reservations. It should be noted that if needing to cancel a paid reservation, the cancellation must take place 48 hours in advance in order to acquire a refund.

Different types of seating is available on board at no additional cost. For example, there is a lovely sundeck which seats approximately 30 individuals along with indoor seating on different levels. In most cases, guests prefer to sit on the sundeck or stand close to the railing in order to experience the most optimum aspect for viewing sea and wildlife while on board.

In all cases, Two Harbors can not be held responsible for anyone missing a departure or return trip. The company has an outstanding reputation for departing and arriving back at the dock on time. When it comes to pricing, purchasers may want to note that additional fees related to fuel charges, taxes and fees can often appear on credit card statements at a later date.

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