Sunday, May 13, 2018

Some Tips For You When You Take Historical Cartagena Tours

By Brian Campbell

You have landed on this article since you are probably going to take a vacation down into Latin America in the near future. This planned trip of yours will probably take you into the country of Colombia and into the city of Cartagena. If this is the case that you are interested in historical Cartagena tours, then do read on for some friendly tips and advice.

Walking or riding is the mode of choice for your tour, but you will be taking in a bit of walking also if you do ride. And depending on the day or hour of your tour, traffic may be a problem, so it is best to take a walking tour instead unless you are not inclined to it due to your health.

Three to four hours is usually the average time that these tours will take to complete, and this is usually for small groups of around four to ten people. These historical tours should include the major history landmarks of the city which should always include the religious landmarks of Santo Domingo Church and the convent of Santa Cartagena. It will of course also include a tour of the city walls, wherein you can also walk on its ramparts.

Due to the hot and humid weather of Colombia, it is recommended that you bring along a bottle or two of water and a decent amount of sunscreen. This is especially true if you are going there on the hottest months of June to September. Generally take note that there is a good chance of a rain every day in this city except for the dry months. The dry months are in the first quarter of the year which are January to March. It is then expected that this is the time when most festivals and fiestas are held and so it is also the peak season when prices will sky rocket.

Choose a tour that has a good translator or more specifically a certified bilingual guide. They should be able to give you a rundown of the history of the city with accuracy and depth. Likewise, to make the tour sound less like reading a history textbook, the guide must be able to give his or her own personal insight without sounding biased also.

The tour that you go on should also give moments wherein you can also interact with the local populace, and also include a bit of shopping and eating as well. Take a tour that does not seem rushed and hurried, but one that will make you feel relaxed and curiosity filled.

In some cases, you may not want to take a tour mixed in with other people, but one with only your group or family members. Special private tours can thus be arranged usually for groups of at least four, and this is ideal for small groups such as families or a group friends.

Thus this concludes our tips for taking a historical tour of Cartagena. IT may be wise to also visit forums that deal with the subject, and look for forum members who might have gone there and give you the details that you need also. This in effect will save you a lot of headaches and worry later on when you do finally go.

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