Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Taking A Swing At Golf Cart Rental

By Matthew McDonald

Most people have some sort of hobby, some way to unwind. Some like to knit. Other people paint. Some people take up sports. There are many kinds of sports to choose from, from basketball to martial arts to swimming, when it comes to keeping active, a person is spoiled for choice. Of course there are people who want be active without exerting themselves too much. Those people turn to bowling. For the exact same kind of person but with money, there is golf. Now, in golf, most people have to go from hole to hole over a large course. To navigate that course, there exist the option of golf cart rental Tybee.

Golf is a pastime where a player swings a stick at a ball and hopes it goes into a hole some distance away. Wherever the ball lands, the player follows and swing their stick again to get the ball into the hole. So on and so forth until a set number of holes, usually about 18, has been played. Scores are tabulated by how many strokes it takes to get to the last one. The person with the lowest score wins.

There is a certain socioeconomic mindset that comes with golf. The belief is that the game is favored by the well heeled, that is people with a lot of money in the bank, Swiss or otherwise. There is some truth to that, as the most well known courses are private clubs and the actual act of playing can cost money between getting the equipment and putting together enough time to do so. Then there are the ancillary costs, such as renting a vehicle and tipping the caddy who carries the bags.

Because the game is so often played by the wealthy, business dealing are often negotiated on a course while carting in between holes. It is often said that any prospective executive must have some level of skill in order to keep making deals. It is essentially the most capitalist sport ever conceived.

The sport is played on golf courses. The courses are vast seas of green grass, allowing for considerable distance between the holes. There are many obstacles on the grounds, like water features that may or may not contain alligators depending on the state and sand traps that make hard to tee off on a ball.

Because of the size of a course, a cart is needed to get around. Otherwise, a person may have to walk upwards of five miles just get to the eighteenth hole. The carts also make it easier to lug the heavy bag full of iron clubs and spare balls around.

But the carts are not limited to the green. The carts can be used on the street, not a highway, but a residential street. They can also be driven by security personnel around large facilities like airports or private neighborhoods.

Renting a vehicle is an easy task. Many clubs offer them up for rent and even require the use of them. Getting a private one requires going to a dealer.

The game is exclusive, no doubt about that. But the vehicles used therein are not. They can be obtained and operated by basically anyone.

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