Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Tips For Fine Dining Dahlonega GA

By Debra Gibson

While a lot of people are quite intimidated if they eat in an upscale restaurant because of all the rules and etiquette, it will be easy if one learns these. Although it might be hard at first, one will eventually get used to wining and dining in a gourmet place. If one wants to be able to fit in while in a fine dining dahlonega GA restaurant, here are some tips.

The very first thing that one has to remember is the concept of starting from the outside to the inside. Now, the first dish that is usually served is bread wherein the bread is placed in a small plate in the north left corner of his plate. Also, there is a small bread knife on top of that small plate which is used for spreading the butter or olive oil on the bread.

When that is done, the next dish is the soup dish wherein one will use a soup spoon. A soup spoon is the first spoon that one will see in the right side of his plate. The soup spoon usually has a big round head and is also usually bigger than a normal spoon so one can look out for that.

The next dish to be served after the soup is usually the salad, in which the waiter will be giving a salad plate. The utensil that will be used for the salad is the salad fork which is the first fork that one will see in the left side on the outer parts. This is the fork beside the main dish fork, which happens to be the smaller fork of the two.

Once the salad is all done, then in a few minutes, the main dish is going to be served. Take note that the main dish is usually a meat dish like beef, lamb, or even seafood such as a fish, crab, or lobster. Usually, one will use the main dish fork and knife to eat the main dish but there are times that a sharper knife is given in the event that the main dish cannot be cut by a usual one.

When the main dish is already done, then the next thing that one will be eating will be the dessert like an ice cream or a cake. There is a dessert spoon and dessert fork that can be found at the top of the plate. This is the last dish that will be served.

When it comes to the drinks, one has to always remember that there are three glasses that can be used. These three glasses can be found at the top right corner of the plate and each have its own respective purpose. From left to right, the first glass is for water, second for red wine, and third for white.

Basically, these are some of the basic rules that one has to observe when he goes to a gourmet restaurant. While there are still some more other rules to remember, these are some of the basic ones that should never be forgotten. Of course, one will learn more of them as he goes along.

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