Monday, June 11, 2018

A Sneak Preview Of Some Of The Highly Historic Towns Colorado

By Walter Graham

Many Americans are aware of the fact that Colorado joined the union as one of the last states. History records show that its year of admission was 1876, far later than many others. This notwithstanding, the state is douched with history. The following are a couple of highly historic towns Colorado.

If archived records of American history are to be believed, San Luis holds the mark for being the oldest town in the entire state. Its first settlers were a group of Tao people, with the year being 1851. At the time, the settlement fell under the jurisdiction of the state of New Mexico. Nevertheless, territorial changes were made in 1861, with its mandate being placed under the current territorial jurisdiction.

The beginning of 1858 saw the establishment of another town called Boulder. There were few buildings during its first year, but more structures, including schools, were put up during the subsequent years. The same period also saw the construction of a very important railroad.

Today, one of the best mountain destinations within the state is Leadville. During its establishment, it was resided by miners who believed the area had vast gold reserves. As a matter of fact, its original name was the Oro City, meaning gold. Its original settlers arrived during the 1859 gold rush.

The years that followed would see a mass exodus of the miners from the area, as gold never became forthcoming. Something else would stoke the interest of the remaining settlers. Shortly after the exodus, remaining miners discovered that the area had a treasure trove of silver which was integrated in the naturally occurring cerussite, a lead based ore. This explains why the place is called Leadville.

Another old settlement around is Idaho Springs. The first main discovery of gold at the peak of the gold rush happened in the area. The Argo Mill, which was the biggest and most famous back then, still stands as it once did today. It was primarily used to mine gold ore and to process it.

Como is another town that is also endeared by the locals for its steep history. Its first settlers came to work as coal miners in 1879. They were Italians from Como, Italy, hence the name given to the settlement. When mining operations were at a peak, the area had a huge depot that served the Denver, South Park and Pacific railroad. Surprisingly, the roadhouse has remained unchanged thus far.

The town of Black Hawk also has its fair share of history. Just like several other Coloradoan settlements, it arose from the gold rush. Back then, the ore output in its mines was stupendous. It was first settled in 1859, with many of its first settlers working in the mines for a living. After the gold deposits got depleted, many miners left for other areas.

Nowadays, it has a unique reputation for gambling. Casinos started coming up by the day in the early 1990s, and the tide has never stopped till date. Another town renowned for gambling, Central City, lies a short distance from Black Hawk. If you have a keen interest in American history, set a date to visit these areas at least once in your lifetime.

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