Friday, June 8, 2018

Corporate Events Dahlonega GA Might Be The Best Choice

By Susan Wagner

All too often corporate mixers wind up being a wild mix-up, and can be an embarrassment for anyone who gets a little too relaxed. Too much beer, too much sun, and too much time spent intoxicated with coworkers can be a combination that creates problems. Rather than heading to a beach in summer, maybe your corporate events Dahlonega GA in the Appalachian mountains is a better fit.

Located in the foothills of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains, this sleepy little town has some excellent tourist attractions, some of which you might not expect. Within this repertoire are three well-known wineries where coworkers can drink together in a mature, sophisticated environment. Wine tastings are held regularly, boasting not only fine wine but some fine dining as well.

Do not let the autumn chill fool you. Georgia is a hot place until well into October most years, and as such, there are still water sports to be enjoyed. Some people like to take an inter-tube down the lazy river miles, but watch out because you never know when white water rapids will come to remind you that it is still a sport you are engaged in.

Since this is a corporate trip, they might prefer taking to the white water on a raft all together. Braving the elements as a team is an excellent method of facilitating togetherness. This also creates an opportunity for the true leaders to stand out, for there is nothing like the element of danger to bring out traits some people have buried.

For the thrill seekers among you, there are opportunities at both skydiving as well as hang-gliding for anyone who wishes for such an experience. Such sports should not be forced on anyone, but coworkers who witness one-another glide down on a glider can often be coaxed into braving it for themselves. As for skydiving, that sport is truly not for the feint of heart.

We know not everyone wishes to jump out of planes or off of mountains, and there is certainly no shame in avoiding this much excitement. Fortunately, for those not up to such risk, this town has just the thing. You will find that the longest and most scenic balloon rides offered this side of the Hawaiian Islands is what they seek. Fortunately, such balloon rides are exactly what this mountain town can offer, and Autumn is the perfect time for it.

For those paying attention on the balloon ride, they will get a rare and wonderful view of Amicalola Falls. For those who are hiking enthusiasts, Amicalola should already be a well-known Native American name. Whether one rides to the top or climbs up the hundreds of stairs, this wonder of the natural world can be taken in by everyone at their own speed.

Speaking of hiking, not far from Amicalola is the famous Springer Trail made famous by the hikers on the Appalachian Trail. Fear not, however, as there are two ways to hike to the top of Springer Mountain, and one is much less difficult than the other. Both will take everyone to one of the most sought experiences in rough camping in the Southeast, which just might be the perfect end of your perfect company mixer.

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