Monday, June 18, 2018

Key Areas To Paddle Board Maui

By Elizabeth Carter

Hawaii is a state renowned for its several scenic islands. One of its top water sport destinations is Maui. The island is the second largest in the state. It plays host to some of the most fascinating scenery in the world besides being a favored area for paddle boarding. The following are the main areas to paddle board Maui.

One location that is highly acclaimed for water sports is Makena Beach State Park. The park is located towards the southwest of the magnificent island. It has a lengthy beach that leaves one spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a spot to begin paddle boarding from. Another noteworthy aspect about it is the crystal clear water that allows one to easily see different marine creatures on the sea floor.

Two large lava outcrops emerge from the water. You might want to use them as beacons just in case you lose track of your ride direction. They also play a big role in keeping strong winds at bay.

Make sure you include Kapalau Bay in your itinerary too. There is an expansive beach that is well guarded against harsh weather at the bay. As there is ample protection against strong winds, the spot is great for different water sports. You will find gentle waves closer onshore and stronger ones further ashore. If you are not properly skilled in paddle boarding, it would be prudent to hone your skills on the gentle waves before proceeding to the strong ones.

Those who are experienced in the sport have a soft spot for Napili Bay. It lies northwest of the island in a place that teems with lush vegetation. The weather conditions are harsher in the area, with rain and wind being stronger during the rainy season. These are the kinds of conditions that most experienced riders look forward to. Unlike the other areas, there are no shopping areas in Napili Bay. It is a place that is fully intertwined with nature.

Another location, Kihei, is a darling among tourists and locals alike. It welcomes a steady stream of visitors each year as it is a perfect spot to sight whales from. There is a renowned marine sanctuary in the area as well.

The sanctuary houses some remarkable marine creatures, the kind that you only get to see once in a lifetime. The area is also a favorite spot for scientists conducting research on humpback whales. A ride on the gentle waves will take you right up to some amazing reefs from where you can spot colorful fish feeding on plankton.

The one place you should visit for riding lessons is the Maliko Run. Over the years, it has been thought of as the best spot for water sports in the state. It is easy to understand why many people think of it as such, bearing in mind there is a permanent gentle wind that is ideal for paddling.

One can visit the area any time of the year. The weather suits both skilled and beginning paddlers. One can also get trained on site.

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