Saturday, June 30, 2018

Popular Festival Tours To Visit In The Region

By Elizabeth Patterson

Touring does not have to always be visiting famous sites and beaches known from that certain place. Take part in festival tours Northeast India as well, to experience what does it like to be living as an indigenous people. To help you get started, here are some famous festivals should be visiting.

Hornbill. For those who are looking for the grandest, the largest festival, and the most famous there is in the country, this is the answer. Located in the Nagaland, a name which comes from a bird they admire most, sixteen tribes would be performing how hunting is done through a dance. There would also be a rock concert competition.

Ziro festival of music are for all the music lovers out there who wants to enjoy indie type of music. Bands around the country will join forces just to perform. Exactly 30 indie bands will be coming over to take part in the event. What makes this unique is the fact that it is being held in a secluded mountain. But, the climb is worth it as a picturesque view unfolds right before your eyes.

Bihu, Assam. Assam has three major cultural festivals which all celebrates the agricultural period. The grandest, most colorful, and the loudest among the three is Bohaag Bihu which is the seeding time. Khati is a solemn occasion, there is the lighting of lamps which they believed would guide the souls into heaven. Maagh has bonfires, breaking of pots, and buffalo fights.

Myoko, Arunachal Pradesh. A traditional tribal festival of Apatani Tribe. Rituals are done to ask for prosperity and fertility. Shamans or priest does the purification and sacrifice. The highlight is at dawn where they go out to collects pigs to be sacrificed. Pigs are sprinkled by the women with flour and rice beer before being taken to the hut of its owner for the sacrifice.

Wangala, Meghalaya. This is their way of honoring their Sun God of fertility. Celebrated by beating drums, blowing horns, and a traditional dance. 100 nagaras would be beaten together. It has a dance and slow cooking competition with indigenous games. Handicrafts are exhibited for tourists to see.

To glory Sun God of fertility, the Galo tribe would beat drums and blow horns as their way of saying thank you. There would be dancing with traditional music and steps. Highlight would be the one hundred nagaras beaten altogether. There are competitions that you could join, as well as games.

Mopin. The main reason for the celebration is to thank their goddess Mopin. They do this in order to drive evil spirits away from them and to ask their goddess for wealth and prosperity. A folk dance called Popir are performed by the younger women while the older ones serve rice wine to everyone.

For those who loves to dance, Nongkrem would be the best choice. It is a five day thanksgiving and during that time they are harvesting. Men and women are both dressed up in lovely attires. Now if you are an animal lover or perhaps a vegetarian, you may want to choose another as this has goat sacrificing.

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