Saturday, June 2, 2018

Qualities Of A Marine Transport Captain

By Virginia Wagner

Marine conveyance includes the movement of people and goods from one point to another through the water. This will involve the use of vessels such as ships and boats. For this reason, the vessel needs to have the best captain to operate it in the required manner through the journey. The captain of a vessel acts as the commander and supervisor. The captain also overlooks all the activities taking place in the vessel. Below are some qualities of a good marine transport captain.

Good communication skills. An excellent leader of a water vessel is an effective communicator. The expert should be able to pass information to their crew and the ferried passengers on time. An informed ship crew is able to deliver effectively and at the right time. So, it is upon the captain to relay the information needed on time. The person too should have the ability to use a good language that can be understood by all the parties involved.

Practice critical thinking. Working in this position will require you to think critically. Making decisions can be very challenging since you need to make the right ones that will lead to resolutions. A critical thinker uses logic and reasoning to come up with solutions.

An exceptional leader. Any water vessel captain serves the position of the topmost leader inside that particular vessel. Their main role is to oversee the activities of the ship and to make sure that all that is to be done is completed. For them to deliver adequately in this position, they must have good leadership skills and this will contribute to a good delivery.

Physical fitness. Such a career requires a person who is physically fit to fit in its involving nature. It is such an active job which may involve long hours of standing as you supervise the activities taking place. It also involves daily tough duties for example when an engine fails. So, it will need a captain who is physically fit to move swiftly, assist where possible and at the same time carry out their normal daily duties without fail.

Team player. As the captain, you will be required to work with other persons. This includes the engineers and the others who help in the running of the ship. This requires much teamwork. You should also be friendly and open minded towards the other crew members so as to ensure unity among them.

The individual must be courageous. A lot of courage is needed so as to work as a captain. Everything done in this position requires maximum courage. Several challenges faced as a captain in a ship will require much courage so that you are able to counter them.

Self-control is the other quality that a captain should have. Ensure that you can effectively control yourself irrespective of the situation you are in. Self-control involves the ability of a person to avoid aggressiveness, to keep emotions in check and ability to control anger.

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