Friday, June 29, 2018

Quilt Museums Are Lovely To Visit

By Jeffrey Cook

Sewing is a wonderful hobby. Some people make it professional. They sew for hours and develop patterns and skills that can become commercial. Quilts are no exception. They can be seen in quilt museums when people get very proficient with them. Visit a place such as this to get inspiration and to view all of the lovely colors and designs associated with a quilt.

The Internet can direct you of where to find a museum that displays quilts. Find out their hours and schedule a time in time to visit. Look at each display and enjoy its beauty. The person that made what you look at probably took a lot of time to design it and to decide where to put each pattern.

When you visit a museum, ask if you can take pictures. You could use these photos in your creative space in your home to inspire you. Creativity is a wonderful concept to engage in. It enhances life a great deal and gives you options to turn to when this grey, cold world gets you down. Work on developing this side of you as much as you can.

Since you are visiting a museum, you may find yourself looking at replicas or originals of actual quilts made from various time periods. You could taste a piece of history firsthand. Read various signs displayed in front of the pieces and learn something new. You may also want to research the time period being presented ahead of time so you are not lost during your visit.

Hobbies like this are not bound to a certain gender. People of all shapes and sizes can engage in this hobby. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman. Do what you feel in your heart which is all that matters. Men have been known to sit at a sewing machine and get creative. If you know a man in your life who wants to sew a quilt or anything, encourage him to follow his dream.

You may want to design your own or look at patterns other people have created. Many people have gone through the painstaking task of creating a lovely pattern to put colors and designs to. You could put the item on your bed or hang it on the wall. The choice is yours and you can find yourself in a whole new world.

You could also join a group that supports this hobby. They meet on a regular basis to show their work in the past and what they are working on. You can compare notes and ask each other for feedback and support. You may get stuck at a certain time and need some help. A group like this can help you.

Art of any form is very therapeutic and helpful if you are sad about things in your life or angry. It can lift up your soul. Quilts offer some therapy because you can have them near you when you rest or look at them on the wall in your living room or office. Their beauty can reach out to you when you need it the most.

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