Friday, June 1, 2018

Quilt Museums Giving The Old And The Young A Rich Peek On History

By Margaret Price

A vacation, nowadays, is defined as going to museums that give people wonderment. Most museums being visited are space museums, or those who give people a peek on history, or aquatic museums that give land dwellers a peek on the life under the sea. However, quilt museums are deemed as boring due to its lack of high tech stuff. Vacationers are oblivious to the fact that these kinds of museums will give them a sense of pride for their country upon learning how and why quilts were made.

During the colonial times, the cost of living might be losing the life of a family member. Times were tough, houses were built with cheap materials which made its residents prone to the harshness of the elements, and the food is scarce. This resulted in sickness as being ever present in the household, and death waiting on the doorstep.

During that period, only men were recognized as fit to be employed by the government and private establishments. Women are considered to do the house chores alone. The house chores include taking care of the home and their meager belongings, preservation and preparation of food, and taking care of the wellbeing of all. However, the wages of men is not enough for their family to survive.

As food is being prioritized, other needs like clothing, and or garments that can protect them from the cold becomes neglected. This is why some housewives resulted to quilting the used clothes of their parents, grandparents, and the clothes of family members. The housewives make quilts as bedcovers, or put up into their windows to stop the freeze from coming in, or to serve as blankets for their children.

Over the years, the skill of quilting becomes a necessary skill to be learned by all females. That the women made it a custom for the bride to be to make a dozen pieced quilts and one applique quilt for a bridal bed. When both sides of the families have agreed on the marriage, the young woman will then sew together every quilt that was made and make it into a one huge quilt.

Mothers also give quilts to their children as heirlooms. As their children enter adulthood, the quilt will be given as a token of their family history. This quilt will be passed on to the next generations which will bring the future generations a peek at their family history.

However, quilting is not only done by one housewife inside the house. It can be a great bonding opportunity for the neighborhood as well. Some women organize a quilting bee that will bring all women of all ages a place to gather and party. There would be food shared, along with techniques to quilt and stories are shared, too.

Other than protection from the harsh elements, they were also used as a decorative piece to showcase in their homes. These quilts are more elaborate than those bedcovers. This will showcase, also, the skills of the housewife, and the creativity that result in a beautiful masterpiece.

When vacationing, widen your mind by visiting this kind of museum. One would never know that the piece one is looking at is from a uniform of war hero that helped the country bring freedom to the citizens. After all, the present is a result from the past that will be carried out to the future.

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