Saturday, June 23, 2018

Reasons Why You Should Visit Playa Las Tortugas

By Steven Sanders

There are a plethora of fantastic vacation spots in Mexico. One of the most prominent is Turtle Beach, or as it is officially called, Playa Las Tortugas. It is a picturesque beach that is located in the Nayarit region in the country.

The beach runs for an estimated distance of ten miles and was once part of a coconut plantation. Tourists often love it for its serene environment. There is a conservation camp for sea turtles in the area as well. If you are want to be actively involved in the conservation of the species, you might also want to pay it a visit.

There is a thriving ecosystem in Turtle Beach that should be a paradise to the typical nature enthusiast. A large number of turtles, crocodiles and birds are also protected at a nearby mangrove estuary. During your trip, you will get up close and personal with the beautiful land and marine creatures. Tourists also love to go to the beach for leisure walks, kayaking, surfing, swimming and horseback riding.

If you love kayaking, you might want to try out some of the rental kayaks offered at the local shops. Most of the shops stock paddle boards, canoes and single person kayaks. Another interesting activity that visitors usually do whenever they are around is whale watching. Some tour agencies usually organize deep sea boat rides for this specific purpose.

The beach is mostly renowned for its vast population of turtles. One of the outstanding attractions is the nearby Platanitos Turtle Camp. It is situated at the northern most part of Turtle Beach. The camp is a breeding ground for sea turtles. The breeding period is between November and December. Once they hatch, visitors are allowed to release the baby turtles into the ocean. The memory of participating in such an activity is one that is certain to last a lifetime.

The Puerto Vallarta Airport is the sole airport that serves the region. The distance between the airport and Turtle Beach is 74 miles. Time zone differences usually take effect for those landing from distant places. The airport uses the Central Time classification of time zones. In Nayarit, the Mountain Time classification is used. Just ensure you always know which time zone you are in and reset your watch if necessary.

One of your primary concerns for the trip is certain to be accommodation. Fortunately, this is not something to worry a lot about as there are plenty of affordable hotels and villas around. It would be prudent to find out whether your tour package fee will cater for accommodation. Most tourists who love their privacy always opt for the villas as opposed to hotels. One has the option of choosing a beach front villa or the types located in secluded gardens.

Just as it is with any other trip, advance planning is essential. You want to ensure your finances are in order before contacting a tour agency. Remember to inquire about essential items to include in your packing list.

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