Saturday, July 28, 2018

Importance Of Holiday In Our Life

By Steven Fox

Today whether to plan a travel or book a ticket or reserve a hotel everything can be done online. Travelling was the tedious process earlier. Nowadays we have to only enjoy sightseeing and leave the rest to the companies. They will also arrange for a guide who will help us in a foreign country. The all inclusive Italy provides cheaper and safer ways to travel.

Travelling is the most important aspect of life. It allows us to learn new languages by interacting with different communities. We also enjoy different varieties of food while going to different countries. This part of life teaches us to survive and understanding how people live at diverse places.

Every culture has holidays declared for certain occasion apart from the weekend. These are special days on which the families in relatives gather together. During celebration natives make different varieties of food and puddings. There are days where rich and poor forget their differences and sit together and eat.

Photography is an art of capturing the moment in a picture. It is like a time machine where we can go back any number of years and recollect our memories. Back in olden days we used to capture picture in the form of a statue as there was no cameras. This was really a tedious and time consuming process.

Families create strong foundation for our children. Members are required to support while raising our kids. There are two types of groups either joint or nuclear. The first one is a larger unit where we stay with our relatives and second one is smaller unit where we stay only with our parents.

Dreams are the most important part of our life. This is an amazing activity in the brain that has not yet fully discovered. There are people who have predicted the future during their sleep. This particular notion is called as sixth sense. If we desire or aspire strongly on a particular thing we can make it true.

Humans are still yet to discover their purpose of their existence in this planet. The prehistoric dinosaurs were wiped out from the face of earth before man could begin living. This is no accident or coincidence. This happened because both the species cannot coexist. This has showed us in many different ways that the creator has a perfect plan and we need to protect it.

Protecting the environment is essential. With the advancement in technology humans have depleted the natural resources and cost polluting the air. It will take many years to repair this damage. The harmful gases have affected the ozone layer due to which people are getting skin related infections as they are directly exposed to sunlight. This is a manmade disaster and we are bearing the brunt of it.

While we have the provision to travel easily anywhere today our actions should be eco friendly. Learning lot about our existence by studying different cultures and their lifestyle. As a social being we should stay united with our families to fulfill our dreams. Our learning and experience in life should be passed on to our children so that they can become responsible citizens when they grow as adults.

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