Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Six Pangasinan Tourist Spots Not To Miss

By Frances Allen

For those who love to travel to new places, Pangasinan in Philippines is definitely a place to drop by. What makes this place a really great vacation spot would be its many beautiful tourist attractions. Below are six of the most beautiful Pangasinan tourist spots that will definitely appeal to anyone who likes a little adventure.

First on the list would be Hundred Islands in Alaminos in the Lingayen Gulf. There are literally a hundred islands for tourists to visit here and a lot of sights to see. Other than that, one can also enjoy a lot of sea activities such as canoeing, diving, and even kayaking, depend on his or her preference.

For those who are familiar with Boracay, another popular beach in the Philippines, Patar Beach is its counterpart in Pangasinan. Patar Beach is extremely beautiful but not as crowded as Boracay, making it very popular among most tourists. One may also be able to see a lot of marine life and scenery in this beach.

The Sky Plaza can be found somewhere in the eastern region of the area and is a beautiful public park with a view of the other towns. If one likes to study history and culture, he or she will really enjoy taking a look at the Ayat ni Apo Jesus. The Ayat ni Apo Jesus is a pilgrimage site that contains the very famous Christ the Redeemer statue which is an important figure in Christianity.

If one loves gardens and nature, then the sunflower maze is a place that he or she would definitely not want to miss out visiting on. It is an actual maze that has a bunch of sunflowers around it with a farm somewhere beside it. If on would want to try a hand at farming, then he or she can pay a fee to pick some of the crops but only during the harvest month.

If one would want a more exciting and extreme type of activity, then Balungao Hilltop Adventure Resort is the place to visit. First off, one will have a chance to experience the zip line where he or she can swoop down and see the terrain. Other activities would include hiking, bungee jumping, mountain biking, bungee trampoline, all terrain vehicle riding, and many more.

If one is into exploring, then a nice place to go would be the Enchanted Cave. The Enchanted Cave is a cave of wonders that looks like a huge coral surfaced from out from the sea. If one would like to, he or she can even swim around the cove area near the cave.

For those who would want to try something a little bit different than their usual vacation, then try visiting this place. It is one of the most popular places in the Philippines for tourists because of all the really awesome places to visit here. The six tourist destinations are spots that are well loved by many locals and tourists alike and they are also listed as some of the best attractions in the area.

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