Monday, August 20, 2018

Purchase An Exciting Machu Picchu Tour Package

By Sarah Meyer

For a lot of people, when deciding where to go on vacation, they consider places that are both exotic and unique. In South America one can experience both incredible natural wonders and incredibly well preserved historical Incan sites. Many of these wonderful features may be enjoyed when one purchases a Machu Picchu tour package and embarks on a memorable journey.

Sitting far above Peru's Urabamba Valley are the remains of a massive city dated back to the 15th century, a relic of the Inca civilization that had remained hidden for thousands of years. It is roughly 8000 feet high and due to its delayed discovery early in the 20th century, it is quite remarkably preserved. This popular site is considered to be a treasured Inca icon.

The city's remarkable preservation is due largely to the fact that its location kept it hidden from the Spanish explorers who invaded Peru. Since its discovery it has been protected by the Peruvian Historical Society and the UNESCO World Heritage Organization, because of its cultural significance. There have been several reconstruction projects performed on the site and some primary buildings, with the purpose of restoring it to an accurate depiction of its original appearance.

Part of the city's beauty is the fact that its layout is so perfect that it effortlessly blends with the environment around it. It has been divided into sections according to their function such as the religious sector, urban area, agricultural, and business. Experts who have studied this location marvel at the way the land is perfectly utilized, and tourists are just awestruck at the magnificence of the ruins and the thrill of stepping back in time.

Travel packages to this incredible location come in different variations. Many of them will also integrate a trip to a nearby natural wonder on the borders of both Brazil and Argentina. Iguazu Falls makes its dramatic appearance amid the large canopy of the thick jungle greenery and makes an instant impression on viewers.

This incredible wonder of nature is perhaps the most breathtaking location in all of South America. There are over 250 individual waterfalls of various widths and heights, that make up this formation. At its tallest point, it is higher than Niagara Falls and more than twice as wide. The majority of these falls are located on the Argentine side, however, the view from the Brazilian side is definitely the most breathtaking.

Booking these types of packages through an agent has many benefits. Through this method, tourists can usually get special discounts on many activities, sites, restaurants, and hotels while on their journey. It also removes a huge amount of stress typically involved with traveling, as the amenities can be booked ahead of arrival.

For anyone who enjoys both nature and history, South America is an excellent country to choose for vacation. With the magnificent falls and well preserved ruins, Argentina, Brazil, and Peru have all the makings of incredible memories one will cherish forever. Additional activities and amenities which may be included are hiking, river boating excursions, and train rides.

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