Sunday, August 19, 2018

Take A Trip Back In Time With A Galapagos Tour Package

By Thomas Morgan

Imagine taking a trip to a land that is virtually free of influence from the ways of humankind. Consider that these islands have remained practically the same for millions of years and are home to flora and fauna not found anywhere else on Earth. Now just picture experiencing this magnificent locality simply by booking a great Galapagos tour package that will make this the journey of a lifetime.

This is a special group of islands located in South America that is definitely capable of providing a bevy of stories for one to share for years. Positioned above one of the world's most highly volcanic ranges, land masses were formed from hardened lava. The plant and animal menagerie that exist here is beyond eclectic and has defied both logic and evolution to become something quite spectacular.

This land is an archipelago consisting of 19 individual island and several separate volcanoes and islets. As a group, they create a combination of ecosystems that is so unique that even scientists are confused to see them coexisting. The influence of humans has been extremely limited, and while tourists are welcome, the guidelines for how much of an environmental footprint can be left a very strict.

The climate is so different from anywhere else in the world due to this land being created by a group of highly active undersea volcano set on the equator. The hardened lava from which the land was made also produces amazing cliffs, rock towers, submerged craters, and fascinating cave networks, that are just waiting to be explored. With the infamous giant tortoises, hundreds of bird species, sea turtles, sea lions, marine iguanas, dolphins, and penguins all living together, the animal menagerie is so beyond diverse that one will find it difficult to believe its natural.

Nature lovers are going to marvel at the scenery, watching the activity that teams around along the coastline as an amazing variety of animals unexpectedly interacting together. Those who love to explore might enjoy trek to the remotely located mangroves, or a hike among some very impressive lava flows. Tours are guided to ensure safety, provide information, and to ensure that the beauty and integrity of these magnificent islands is preserved.

This paradise island group provides sporting activities like snorkeling, hiking, swimming, and spelunking. Those with an adventurous spirit can seek out the ancient pirate hideaways and take a step back in history. Wildlife admirers are going to see a collection so eclectic that it will defy expectations.

The benefits of using an agent to book these types of tours is that they can provide the traveler with the most efficient itinerary. They will be able to point out the history and interesting information, as well as the various attractions that really should be seen. Booking companies can also arrange activities and advice on the best places for dining, shopping, relaxing, and sightseeing.

Travelers do not have to settle for ordinary when the extraordinary is just around the corner. A person only gets one life to live, and taking the opportunity to visit this amazing archipelago of islands is surely an opportunity one should take. Get in touch with a booking agent today to find out how to get started on the most exciting adventure of one's lifetime.

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