Friday, August 24, 2018

Tips For Planning A Memorable Pangasinan Wedding

By Edward Morgan

Usually, most churchgoers prefer to hold church nuptials. However, there is a percentage of people who prefer to hold a civil marriage ceremony because the budget tends to be subsidized. Pangasinan wedding are usually unique, but you can make yours stand out if you plan well. Proper planning will make your special day colorful. Therefore, in case you are planning to hold a civil marriage ceremony, it is time to start planning. Make sure you include every detail that you think will make the day interesting.

To begin with, the couples must apply for a license, for them to be granted the license, they must present their birth certificates and IDS among other things. After that, the couple is then supposed to pick a day when they plan to hold the ceremony. When picking the day, make sure that your spouse will be available. Also, tell your friends and family in advance so that they can avail themselves on your special day.

Once you pick a marriage date, start planning on the budget. Make sure the budget you come up with will be convenient. Include everything in the budget. For instance, you must include shoes, gowns, suits, food, certificates, rings; you name it. Each couple has their preferences for a civil espousal ceremony. You must thus agree on what you want with your spouse.

You should then apply for a marriage license. In the Philippines, no couple can be allowed to get married without a license. This license should be applied a month before the actual day of the marriage ceremony. To be given the marriage license, you must be above 18 years. If you are below 25 years, there should be a notarized consent from parents or guardians. Other requirements include a certificate of CENOMAR, IDs, and birth certificates among others.

Select a venue for the wedding. Depending on your preference, you can select a garden, nature reserve, city hall or even a public park. After this, ensure that you choose your matrimonial officiating person. The person you choose can be a church pastor, a judge, military officer or mayor.

Then, start sending out invitations to your family and friends. If you want a private ceremony, you can invite your immediate family and closest friends only. Make sure you have picked a reception area that will comfortably accommodate the guests you invite.

At this juncture, there is still a lot to be done. For instance, you still have to shop for your wedding rings, write your vows, look for gowns and suits, etc. All these things must be done in time to avoid last minute rush frustrations. Also, when picking the gown and the suit for the ceremony, choose the best. Do not forget to hire a top-notch photographer to capture the beautiful moments.

At this point, the only remaining thing is the wedding itself. Since it is your day, make sure you shine like a star. Be happy and enjoy the program of the day. Be positive even if some things go wrong. Relax and leave everything to the coordinator. If you will need a church wedding after this, the decision is solely yours.

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