Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Learn The Tango: Latin America Active Adventures

By Ronald Stewart

The Argentine Tango has its roots in the 1800 s. This was a period of grave difficulty for many. It was this very fact that allowed the longing to be poured out in dance. During the period many Europeans and Africans found their way to Buenos Aires and it is these immigrants that started the dramatic and very sensual style of dance. The intimacy between the dance partners of an Argentine Tango duo is palpable, another one of Latin America Active Adventures.

While the Tango music of today is quite upbeat it is by no means the type of music that characterizes the original Argentine Tango. The music primarily used for the dance is created on a German instrument that resembles an accordion. The instrument is called and Bandoneon and the sound emitted is melodic and carries undertones of romance. Modern-day variations of the Tango are classified as ballroom dancing, however, the original Argentine Tango was not intended as such.

The Tango was never intended as a competitive dance. People took part in the love of the dance and the freedom of expression is allowed. The dance was always intended to be a social one, not one where you are compared to others. Times are different and Tango competitions are becoming the norm.

Buenos Aires, Argentina hosts a Tango competition called the World Tango Dance Tournament. The competition forms an integral part of the Tango Festival held in the country during August. The first of these competitions or championships was held in 2003. The competition is sub-divided into two categories.

Category one is referred to as Tango De Pista. This division must abide by strict rules. The use of traditional milonga figures us imperative. Category two is called Tango Escenario and is a more free form of the dance. The end results are properly choreographed and include a mixture of other dance disciplines like ballet as well. Since 2013 allowance has been made for the entrance of couples are of the same gender.

While many may frown on Tango Competitions, there are some benefits to taking part. Competing always forces you to push yourself to improve, you want to be better than the person dancing against you. The training and intensive practice sessions mean lots of dancing and time to perfect your moves.

There is no better place to put your skills to the test than a Tango competition. The results will reveal whether you require and where you require improvements and additional work. While it isn t always pleasant not taking first place, it is important that you don t let this affect your self-esteem. It takes tremendous confidence and courage to put yourself out there and you should be proud of the achievement. You started to dance the Tango for the love of it, keep that mindset.

As fierce as the competition is during one of these tournaments the camaraderie is something to be amazed at. While the contestants are dancing against each other, they are all experiencing the same nerves and applause as each other and they are all savouring the moments as they occur. You can t help but develop bonds with these people who have your same love at heart.

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