Thursday, October 25, 2018

Facts About Finding Condo Rentals In Mammoth Lakes

By Patrick Howard

Renting a condominium can be exciting. Nevertheless, condominiums are different from apartments and understanding the relevant rules may not be easy. When searching for condo rentals in Mammoth Lakes, prospective tenants should consider a number of things in order to rent a condo without going through a lot of hassles.

You may rent a condominium either for the long term or short term. You may be looking for condo rentals when going for a vacation. In such a case, you only need to rent a condo for a short time. However, renting a condominium for six months or longer offers many benefits including having access to amenities that can be prohibitively expensive like swimming pools, sauna and gym and saving on the cost of utilities among others.

Before renting a condo, you should list the things you want or need. With such a list, you can find a suitable condominium faster. These things include space requirements, how close a condominium building is to schools and your workplace, recreation facilities, shopping areas and major roads. You may also list the amenities you want to enjoy in a condominium building like a restaurant and swimming pool.

It is also important to visit the condominium while accompanied by the owner or real estate agent during their work hours. However, you should also visit the condominium building during off hours. This way, you will see how the place looks during work hours, rush hour and on the weekends. You can then decide if you would like to stay in such a place or not.

When viewing the condos for rent, make sure that you ask for clarifications about anything you do not understand. Confirm that the lease term is what you expect it to be. Make sure that you understand the stipulations for renewing the lease. You should also find out if there is an escalation clause which raises the rent after you renew the lease. The owner may sell the condo. Therefore, make sure that you note that the owner should notify you in advance about the sale. Specify the notice time like 24 hours before the owner shows the condominium to the potential buyers.

It is also vital inquire about the maintenance activities that tenants are required to perform. Examples include carpet cleaning and painting. If there is anything you do not understand in the lease, ask the property owners to clarify it in writing. For instance, the property owner may agree to perform some renovations or repairs discovered as you viewed the condo, such as flickering lighting or a toilet that has ceased to function.

It is also important to inquire what is covered by the monthly payments. Find out if the rent includes repairs, utilities, property taxes, on-site amenities and fees for maintaining the common areas. Inquire also if there are additional fees, such as a move out or move in fee.

You should inquire about who is responsible for maintaining the exteriors of the building like a deck, patio or yard. Asking about how the common areas may be used is also essential. By following these guidelines, your condominium rental process will be smooth.

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