Friday, November 2, 2018

A Guide To Preparation For Yacht Transport

By Ryan Miller

Transporting your boat is one of the most important things that you must be careful with. It is ideal to use a hauler to ship the vessel from one place to the other. The transportation companies come in handy to assist boat owner in this venture. As such, you have an easy time getting a reliable mover for yacht transport. Apart from looking for the transporter, there are several preparations you need to take. The points below will help you as you prepare to ship your vessel.

You need to make sure that your vessel is safe. Secure any vulnerable part that can get damaged easily. This is regardless of the distance you need to travel. Use tapes to seal all the hatches. Lock all the windows and doors of your cabins since they can break easily. Again, any lose part that can easily detach should be wrapped well. It helps you to minimize the possibility of damaging the fragile parts.

Make sure the transportation company offers voyage insurance. This will protect your vessels and ensure you do not go through the expenses of replacing the broken parts. The insurance will protect the boat should any mishap happen. The cover ensures that the hauler is careful with their work to avoid going through the cost of damages.

It is advisable to examine the vessel well before you take it on board. This involves taking pictures on its initial state before it is transported and providing evidence of any damages that exist already. Note them down and have clear pictures. If you disassemble some of the fragile parts, take pictures and designate their position on the boat. This ensures that both of you can calculate the damages done after the transportation.

Inform with your transportation company about the details of your boat. Remember they will be looking for a carrier suitable for the vessel according to the details you give them. Know the size and the actual weight and ensure the measurements are correct. If you do not know where to find these details, you can check with the manual provided to you during the purchase.

If you still have personal items on the boat, remove them. Clear the cabins and the store of any items that may break. Eliminate the illegal items that can put you in trouble with the customs. Additionally, remove the batteries and cables to ensure they do not get damaged before they reach the destination.

Your boat will be exposed to damages like scratches on the surface. The best way you can protect is from such accidents or salt and rust are by covering its surface with a wrap. You can cover the vulnerable part if the vessel is too large. Use insulator wax to cover the bare metals. You can as well remove your windshields and store them safely.

Ensure the Yacht is as light as possible. Empty the full tank but leave a little to enable you to get to and from the water. Make sure you have the necessary paperwork especially if your voyage is international. Bring your registry and boat keys with you.

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