Friday, November 30, 2018

Explaining Trolling Motor Mounting Bracket

By Gregory Hayes

What is a trolling motor mount and what is it used for? A Trolling Motor Mounting Bracket is a self-contained unit that consists of three things. Namely, controls a propeller as well as a motor that functions via electricity. It is then placed on the fisherman s boat at the too. They are usually attached to boats used for game fishing. It s often used as another way to generate power.

You will find it mounted on what is called a transom next to the outboard motor. A transom is a surface area forming the stern of a boat. The motor is lifted from the water when the boat is in motion to avoid or at least decrease drag. It provides auxiliary power for accuracy when maneuvering the boat. Making it easier for the angler to be precise when throwing bait.

This is an invention created by a O. G Schmidt in Fargo North Dakota. He made it by putting together a Ford Model and combining it with a shaft that is not rigid and propeller. He then named it The Minn Kota. A name derived from the area which his company was based in, which is near North Dakota border. The establishment is still in production of major components of this appliance.

The more modern mounts don t function like the olden ones. A brushed DC Electric motor is what they utilize. It operates on deep cycle batteries, which are from 12, 24 until 36 volts these are made for marine use so they are perfect. In all that splattering of water, you may wonder if the water messes with all these electric components. These components are placed in the water-resistant compartment.

There are three kinds of these, each with their own specific controls. They come in a foot, remote as well as handle control. The one you control by foot has a kind of pedal that is built within, it also helps you manage the speed. The one you control by hand comes with some kind of knob to help you control the speed. With the foot control one, the pedal is also the on or off switch.

In order to fish you need your hands, so the hand control is a little bit inconvenient. The foot controlled one is better because then you can use your hands for catching fish. The only tough part is maneuvering through rough waters. So instead of all this manual hard work, you can get one that is remotely controlled. It is a little on the pricey side but it s worth all the fish you will be catching.

Gasoline powered ones are designed with a manual pull start system, a throttle and gear shift control fitted on the boat and a roller for steering. These are good options to pick from depending on what you re looking for and what might work best for your boat and fishing enjoyment.

The Bow mount is the most popular one for serious fishermen with medium to large boats. They simply offer superior control. This is because a bow mount pulls the boat through the water instead of pushing it around making steering significantly better. If this is important to you. The Bow mount is your guy. Bows are more expensive and also harder to install than transom mounts. In the and, the size of your boat will determine the best fit for you.

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