Monday, November 19, 2018

Factors To Consider Before Whale Watching Catalina Island

By Charles Hamilton

For any activity to be fun, there are specific factors that need to be taken into account. For instance, before setting on a journey to enjoy whale watching Catalina island, there are several things they should understand. For example, it is imperative to know that it is advisable to swim or touch the whales. One must carry out some research to know what is expected of them during the trip. Hence going through the writing will expose one to some crucial things to consider.

One crucial factor that any person must take into consideration is identifying an ideal company to make bookings with for excellent services. It would not be appropriate making such plans at the last minute. Hence begin by looking through the internet to identify any suitable firms to contract. It can be overwhelming and people may end up making mistakes. Thus do some homework to know how they operate and the nature of their services taking into account the cost.

For people who love adventure, they are likely to love the idea of cruising in the rough sea with the strong waves. The operators are not likely to go out on the trip if the ocean is unsafe. Thus look into the weather forecast and even the marine forecast for updates on how the weather is expected to be on the actual day of the visit. The best day to go out for the excursion is during a calm day when a person will get to enjoy the animals and the calm sea is also safe to cruise.

The research should also include getting to understand how the animals behave in various situations. Their actions will guide the next step that people need to take. For instance, when an individual notices a lot of surface displays or tail slapping, this is a sign they need to leave the location. These behaviors are an indication of distress that can cause the animals to react and respond. Thus be cautious of their patterns and any changes that may occur in their behavior.

People are advised to stay away from the animals no matter how tempting it may be to get closer to them. Always ensure the vessel is about 100 yards away from the whales. For more safety, always get away from them when the vessel gets too close. Those using the power boats should be cautious until the animals pass then they can get their way out of the place.

Over the past 10 years, the major causes of death of these creatures are due to the strikes from the ships. For this reason, boaters are advised to maintain a 10 knot spend distance while in the calm ocean to avoid causing any harm to creatures.

Noise pollution is never a good thing to have around these animals. This implies that people should not take more time at a particular spot looking at them. Thus spend at least 30 minutes before giving them the space they need.

An individual has to realize that big animals are unpredictable. Therefore, it would not be a good thing trying to swim next to them. This is because you will be risking your life or even getting hurt by these animals.

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