Thursday, January 31, 2019

Best Alaska Brown Bear Viewing Areas

By Roger Hughes

While some individuals want to view animals from a distance, others like to get up close. In the case of Alaska Brown Bear viewing Alaska, individuals can often do both. For, some of the most incredible and magical spots to view bears is in the state. Take for example, Brook Falls in Katmai National Park, the McNeil River, Lake Clark National Park or Redoubt Bay, all of which host a number of black and brown bears.

Some of the best places to view these and other bears in the wild include, Brook Falls, the McNeil River, Lake Clark National Park and Redoubt Bay. For, a number of different species of bears can be seen in these areas, including brown bears. While this is the case, there are different times of the year when viewing is better than at other times.

One area in which there is a rather large bear population in Summer is that of Chinitna Bay. For, the bears are often active when moving between different areas to find food. Whereas, shellfish, salmon and beach grasses also attract bears on a regular basis. Whether flying in for the night, or just a day trip, it should be noted that bear viewing is on foot with towed trailers and ATVs available in areas with longer distances between areas.

When it comes to Redoubt Bay, the best viewing often occurs from June through August from a covered boat with an expert guide. Whereas, Katmai and Brook Falls is best in mid-Summer. During this time, Brook Falls plays host to fisher bears whom love to snap fish atop running waterfalls. Whereas, Lake National Park is often better for viewing during late Summer months.

The Sanctuary at McNeil River provides an incredible journey when it comes to watching bears and other wildlife. In this case, unguided and guided tours are available from June through August. While this is the case, access to the park is heavily controlled to preserve the area. In order to maintain this control, a lottery is held to determine individuals or families who can visit the park each season.

If still in need of assistance with regards to travel plans, contacting a professional tour guide in the area is often advised. In the case of the more adventurous, the bear population is so large that most people see bears on different types of trips offered in the area. For example, bears can often be sighted from flightseeing planes, boats, tour buses as well as personal and rental cars.

If looking for guaranteed viewing, visitors can check out the Alaska Zoo or Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. For, each are home to brown and black bears. In addition, the zoo is also home to a number of polar bears. Whereas, the biology staff which are well educated on bears and associated behaviors can often provide insight and information on different types of bears.

When planning on traveling in Alaska, there are a number of options on lodging and tours. In addition, individuals on cruise ships can often see bears and other wildlife from aboard the ship while sailing around the area. In all cases, it is important to inquire and book reservations as early as possible. For, cruises, flightseeing companies, tour buses, ATVs and lodging often sell out quickly, especially Summer months.

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