Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Selecting A Chicago Vacation Rentals Company

By Christine Snyder

Nowadays people own villas in high tourist traffic areas. Some put up apartments for use only in the holidays. The rest of the year the apartment is left unoccupied. This is a waste of resources. You can use the villa to earn some income to cater for other expenses. However, you must hire a manager or someone to look over the place. Deciding which Chicago vacation rentals company is right for you is not easy, and hence the need for the following tips.

One of the aspects to consider is the size of the company. Majority of small holiday rental property management firms operate nearby. Because of that, they have few clients which enable them to pay full attention to the needs of the clients. However, the only limitation is that they do not have enough marketing tools. Large companies have the resources but due to their large customer base, you might not get enough attention unless you are a better paying client.

The next thing to consider is the packages offered by the prospective company. The needs of second homeowners are different. There are those who want full managed solutions or marketing only. Others want marketing and maintenance. Look for those who provide a package that will meet all your needs and wants. However, remember that the more the services in a package, the higher the fees. The lowest fees in the market are for those who deal with marketing only.

The other aspect is the vetting process. The condition of your vacation home here is at stake. The firm you pick must have a good method of ensuring all the guests are fit for your home. Ask questions about the minimum age of the guests they admit, if they allow parties and the process they use to tell if the guests are saying the truth about their age and what they will be doing in the house. In case the process is thorough, consider the firm.

Some people choose management companies blindly and end up having a dirty vacation home because the company of their choice does very little on washing and inspection. Even though there are no frequent guests, it is vital for the villa to be cleaned regularly especially in some areas. Hire professionals who work with janitorial services and ensure that inspection is conducted prior to occupation.

Check the track record of the company. If they have been managing vacation rentals in the past, knowing their success rate can help you know what to expect from them. Depending on the type, size and location of your villa, it is important to get a general idea of the number of booking previous homes like yours have registered with the company. If they do not have a good track record, walk away.

Find out the charges that are passed on to the guests and the owner. If they transfer a lot of additional fees to you, you might end up not making profits. Extra fees to guests also might deter them from booking your place again. Find out all the hidden fees that they have and decide.

A lot of vacation rentals are adopting technology and the latest systems. This ensures that they keep up with the changes in the hospitality industry and stay ahead of their competitors. Opt for managers who will guarantee to adopt advanced tech for the benefit of all the parties involved.

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