Wednesday, February 27, 2019

A Guide To Enjoying Your BVI Catamaran Charter Holiday

By Deborah Ward

When going on a sailing trip for the first time, you may not know what to do to have a memorable vacation. However, you only need to research in order to know how to carry out yourself throughout the holiday. The following guide is all you need to enjoy the BVI catamaran charter holiday that you have always wanted.

Listing down all you want during your vacation is probably the most important thing to start with. Here, you should figure out how big you want your vessel to be. This requires taking the number of vacationers you will be sailing with into account. Additionally, you need to decide on the destinations to visit and the kind of foods you desire. Specifying your desired level of privacy is also critical at this point.

Relate well with the captain. Your captain will be a valuable resource throughout your vacation. They have been sailing for years and therefore understand what is good for you. So, you should consult them at the start and throughout the trip. Having a good relationship with them will allow you to take advantage of their knowledge of various destinations across the British Virgin Islands.

Boat crews are usually great at meeting the needs of their clients. Additionally, they are passionate about their job and are always happy to provide their services with great enthusiasm. However, you should treat them respectfully as they are not servants. Thanking and complimenting them for their efforts can go a long way in boosting their morale.

Before starting your journey, it is important that you decide on an itinerary. However, some factors may make such a plan unfeasible. These may include bad weather and other emergency situations. In this regard, you should be flexible and ready to listen to your crew when they advise against a location. In most cases, your captain will be glad to recommend alternative locations worth going to.

You need to be mindful of your safety when on a yacht. There are many risks that come with being on the water. For example, your boat may break down unexpectedly due to mechanical problems. Such situations usually call for calmness. Still, you should follow all the safety guidelines that have been crafted by the operator of the vessel you are using. Never request for any of the rules to be shaded.

Decks made out of teak are quite costly and should be used cautiously. Yachts always insist on their clients going to the decks without shoes. So, you should seek information on the barefoot rules that you need to adhere to while sailing. Soled shoes and high heels definitely have no place on luxury catamarans.

Enjoying your cruise requires chartering the right vessel. This entails doing your research and consulting experts before selecting your yacht. An experienced broker will analyze your needs and budget before suggesting the ideal option available for you. Gathering lots of information from online sources on the options available to travelers looking to sample the British Virgin Islands is also important.

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