Sunday, February 10, 2019

Reasons Why Visitors Find The Short Term Rentals Chicago's Investors Advertise So Appealing

By William Bennett

More and more vacationers and tourists are turning to online sites advertising private homes for rent when they are looking for accommodations. There are plenty of reasons for business persons, vacationers, and even residents of the city to prefer this option to a hotel stay. There are just as many good reasons why investors offer the short term rentals Chicago's visitors and residents can book.

Flexibility is one of the main reasons owners rent by the week and month. People who own vacation properties like this especially because they can schedule their bookings around the times when they want to use the house for themselves. They don't lose the use of it because there is a tenant occupying the house for six months to a year. If you love redecorating, you want your vacation house vacant while you are working on it. Owners have flexibility with what they charge their renters.

You have the ability to adjust the rent, up or down, depending on the circumstances. You can raise the rent during periods of each year when rental property is most in demand. This is usually during the summer in the southern regions of the country and winter in the north. Properties are always in demand when large conventions are in town or major sports events planned. You can reduce your rates when demand is low.

Owners have less damage to repair with temporary guests. Since these people are only in town for a week or two, most of the time, the likelihood that they'll do significant damage to the house is less. When you have tenants living in a property for a long period, the chances that you'll need to make major repairs after they leave is a lot greater.

Renters reap the benefits of renting a house on a temporary basis. A year long lease is not what everybody wants or needs. Some business people come into the city a few times a year for a few weeks at a time. Others are in town on vacation. Chicagoans who are homeowners sometimes are forced to vacate their homes for extensive repairs brought about by renovation project or damage created by a major fire or flood.

People who need temporary housing don't have their own furnishings. Most expect to pay for the privilege of using the owner's possessions while they are renting. Most of them treat those possessions with respect.

Having a kitchen that's fully stocked means renters can save money by cooking instead of eating out at pricey restaurants all the time. Many of these residences include washers and dryers so renters can do laundry. This saves on dry cleaning bills and allows guests to wash and dry towels and sheets and leave the property the way they found it.

Most of these private homes compete very well with good hotels. Many of them rival the accommodations and amenities those hotels provide. Pools, balconies, patios, and fireplaces are often included in the price of a private home rental.

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