Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Categories Of Vietnam Visa

By Ronald Lewis

There are numerous types of passes which allow people to visit a country different from their own. These documents are categorized depending on the purpose of your visit. For instance, learners submit student passes while visitors apply for tourist permits. Authorities require that a foreigner must produce a Vietnam visa before being allowed entry. Below are various forms of valid passes.

A most common type of authorization is a tourist license. Notably, there are two categories of these permits. First is a single one month pass. This suits visitors on holiday planning to spend fewer days in the country. Another category is multiple permits. For individuals planning to take longer or are unsure of how long they may spend there, this is preferable. It goes for more than three months. If an individual applies for a single clearance but realizes they need to stay longer, it is possible to extend. This may be done through agencies or own.

Next is a license to be allowed back after cutting short your stay in this country. With increased temptations to visit neighboring states, there is a need to have a different form of license allowing visitors back into the original destination. To cater for this, the state provides a re-entry authorization document which can be applied before leaving the country. Luckily, agencies help with the application to cover you from so much paperwork.

Entrepreneurs travel once in a while for various reasons. While some are looking for investment opportunities, others go to seal business deals or deliver some products and services. Such people need a business pass to be allowed to do these activities. It covers them for up to six months only. Such permits are different from work pass. Work passes allow people to be employed in the mentioned country. They usually have longer validity.

Students require authorization too before schooling or interning in an institution based in this country. These form of authorizations take one year to expire and may be renewed. The application can be done before or after getting into the country. If done before, students must produce invitation as well as admission letters from the relevant institution. Otherwise, they can apply for a single then a student license after admission.

Groups which organize field excursions in this state require a transit pass. A transit authorization is a five-day license enabling tour groups to visit certain spots of interest. Normally, immigration officers must see their tour guide before giving such authorizations. Similarly, these tour guides must produce a schedule as well as approval from agencies involved in tour plans.

Then there is an authorization form for diplomatic or official duties. If a government official is travelling to this country, he or she does not need to apply for a visitor license like any other person. Immigration offices provide official documents for such individuals. Unlike other permits, this type is free. As long as a person has submitted an official document from a government agency, it takes less than two days to process it.

There are numerous authorizations allowing one to move from one country to another. They vary depending on the cause of travel. Such include tourists, student, diplomatic as well as business entries.

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