Thursday, March 14, 2019

How To Tell Which Paddle Board Maui Is Right For You

By Virginia Stevens

If you love the idea of getting out on the water as a fun and exciting form of exercise, you may be thinking about getting a paddle board. But which one? There are many different types and options on the market. Here are some things to consider that will help you pick the right paddle board Maui for your needs.

A stand up paddle board, or SUP, seems fairly simple at first glance. It is a large, flat board shaped much like a surf board. However, instead of using the waves to move you from one area to another, a SUP is designed to be paddled with a single, long oar that you use in a standing position. There are pieces which jut out underneath which make it more stable and a textured area on the deck that gives your feet traction.

Some people love the idea of racing on their boards. Others love the idea of traveling over long distances as they move from one beach to another. You need to think about how you will use your board. While a racing version can be used to tour on it is generally better to pick a model that is designed for the use you have in mind.

An increasing number of people are performing yoga on their boards. This adds an extra level of difficulty to your yoga practice but it can be very relaxing. If you think this is something you will want to do, look for models that are wide and stable. Speaking with an expert can help you pick the right version for your needs.

You may want to think about how you will store your gear and how you will get it to the water. A SUP can be quite large and heavy. If you lack space or find it hard to carry heavy weights you might want to think about an inflatable model. This can be carried to where you will set off from and inflated, then deflated and taken home to be stored until next time.

It can help you save money if you can buy your SUP and other gear as part of a package. Basic gear should include a personal flotation device, tether and paddle. Other gear could include storage and transportation racks and deck bags that keep your gear attached to your board so that it stays dry and secure while you are in the water. A package can help you save quite a bit of money in the long run.

One thing that can be helpful especially for a beginner is paddling lessons. You will learn basic strokes, how to get back up if you fall off, and other essential skills that will help you when you are out on your own.

There are many places around Maui that sell or rent models. Renting can be a great way to try the sport out and figure out which model is right for your needs. You can also book tours or yoga classes and get a full taste of different SUP activities to see which ones you like best.

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