Friday, March 8, 2019

Tips For Buying A Quick Release Trolling Motor Mount

By Sandra White

Putting yourself in the optimum position when making a cast can be a daunting task especially with the weight that one puts on the deck. However, the invention of a quick release motor has been a godsend for the fishing expedition. Such equipment provides total control of a craft while fishing and allows the anglers to move from one spot to the other with ease. Here are a few buying guidelines for quick release trolling motor mount to consider.

Check the kind of thrust you expect. The sort of push you expect is arguably the most vital aspect to consider. The thrust is the standard measure of power needed for the motor. The heavier and larger the boat the more the push that one needs to achieve the right results. The basic rule in measuring the thrust you need is five pounds of thrust for every two hundred pounds of weight.

Consider its voltage rating. There are three separate power systems that one can use. They include the thirty-six voltage, twenty-four and the twelve voltage system. The twelve power system is the least voltage that one can use and does not have quite a lot of power. The others offer quite a lot of thrust and can last for quite a long time without a lot of hassle.

Acknowledge the fishing condition and style. Your fishing style defines the kind of thrust and voltage needed for the equipment. Those who love fishing at swift moving currents should look for a high-level push that can provide ample power in all the conditions. Those who enjoy fishing on a smooth lake with no flow can stick to low thrust equipment.

Beware of the shaft length. The shaft length can as well affect the kind of engine you decide to purchase. Those who love bow-mounted engines should take note of the measurement between the waterline and the bow. For those who wish to acquire a transom should consider the measurement between the waterline and the transom. Add about eighteen inches to the measurement you get to ensure optimal performance.

Confirm whether to purchase foot-controlled or hand-controlled equipment. The foot control type ensures that the hands are free enough to do fishing tasks. However, it has quite a slow response to some of the sort of boats. It also clutters the deck. The hand-controlled engine is easy to use but does not leave the hands free enough to fish.

Ensure that the mount adopts new technology. There is a lot of technological advancement with this kind of equipment. Modern technology that makes it efficient enough include a built-in battery gauge, a digital display, and a self-directional motor.

Beware of your seller. The kind of seller that you decide on has a significant impact on the effectiveness of the product you choose to purchase. A good seller should be in a position to advise you about different aspect related to the consideration you have to make. You should as well ensure that the seller has reasonable prices to make the product affordable.

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