Friday, April 19, 2019

Disney Dream Vacation And Family Fun

By Frances Young

Families vacation can often be a lot of fun, or extremely stressful. While this is the case, some of the most fun in the world can be had on a disney dream vacation. For, while the parks originally targeted young children and teenagers, there are now a number of activities designed specifically for adults.

The toughest part of a Disney vacation is often to know which parks to visit. In most cases, a combination pass to all parks is a much better than deal than only visiting one or two parks on an individual basis. In addition, when staying at themed hotels at a park, individuals often gain early park admission, discounts at gifts shops, food and drink.

While leaving for vacation is often the most exciting, there is also a plan in which individuals can start planning such a trip long before arriving at the park. For, the park system has a account in which people can contribute money to on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

While the parks do make for a grand vacation, timing can be everything, especially in Florida. For, the Florida parks are often extremely crowded and at times can reach sell out status, especially during Spring and Summer months. As such, if planning on going to Florida, the less crowded months are between December and March. Although, while the water parks remain open, it is important to check weather forecasts as there can be cold fronts, and while rare, even snow during winter months.

Most parks stay open except during hurricanes and major floods. Whereas, if inclement weather occurs during park hours, a number of rides, especially those of an electrical nature can be shut down. As such, knowing the forecast ahead of time, even in Spring and Summer can often save park goers a great deal of disappointment and frustration.

In almost all cases, food and drink are not included in the price of admission. Some parks do have dining passes which can often be added as an extra. Due to security risks, most do not allow outside food or drink to be brought into the park. As such, it is important to budget carefully and assure that these and other extras are covered in the budget or savings plan when planning a visit to the park.

While the parks have a lot of amusement rides and entertainment for children, most have height requirements. As such, it is often advised that individuals view this information on the Disney websites before purchasing tickets. For, once tickets are purchased, no refunds are available.

Whether going to a park in California or Florida, Disney can also be an incredible experience for single travelers. In addition, single individuals can find a number of discount lodging locations such as youth hostels and bed and breakfasts. In fact, some youth hostels may offer group outings to Disney World in which single travelers can experience the park with other travelers.

Disney parks can often be fun for single travelers or families. For, by budgeting ahead, checking weather forecasts and reviewing park information before arrival, individuals and families can often share in a stress-free day or week of fun at the parks. After which, most generally have wonderful lifelong memories to share with family and friends.

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