Thursday, April 18, 2019

Plan Your Route With Sailboat Charters

By Nancy Ross

You and your friends would like to go cruising in the Caribbean. You chose a group of islands near Peru to visit. There, you will see crystal blue waters and fine sandy beaches. Marine life is flourishing there which you will see as you dive under its waters. You all decided to book at the BVI sailboat charters for your anticipated trip.

BVI or British Virgin Islands is also called as Natures Little Secret. This is among the best islands in the Caribbean Sea. Some consider this place a tropical paradise due to its warm weather all year round, fresh wind breeze, and being a go to place for a bit of sailing.

This place is a great vacation spot for a few days to a maximum of a week. Every penny you spent will be worth it now that you get to try riding and sleeping in a yacht. Thus, it is important to have a route plan ready.

There are a total of over fifty islands composing the group of islands. These include Ginger Isle, Cooper Isle, Salt Isle, Peter Isle, and Norman Isle. Choose which ones you want to choose. If you like to visit them all, you can. Just make an outline which of them is going to be your first destination.

Online Cruising Guides have travel guides you can download. The same can be said for the website of Cruising Guides as well. There, you are able to search for guides to determine which are the must see places in each island. These can also be your basis when creating your own. That way, you will be able to modify the routes according to your plans.

When you step foot on the port, representatives from the yacht company will greet you and then brief you of the important charters in and around the islands. They give you a list of tourist spots and the things you need to avoid along the way. They also get to share their favorite sights and activities, as well as teach to you a more convenient route in getting around the isles.

Norman Island will offer you the best spot for diving and snorkeling, as well as treat you to delicious native food in its restaurants. Marine ecosystem is alive and abundant under the sea and under the natural caves. Spend a peaceful night at Privateer Bay and let its calm atmosphere surround you. Or, spend the whole day hiking at Bight and the night dining at local food bars.

You may go straight to its northwest side and visit the Indians for a while. It has amazing rock formations on its shore. When you dive, you can see corals and sponges underneath that are lavish and thriving. You may even have breakfast here and watch how the sunrise reflects to the rest of the island.

Later, Peter Island will greet you with its sparkling waters in Great Harbor. Protection is very well maintained here causing it to be quiet for most of the year. Laze and relax by the beach. Deadman Bay is easily accessible from here with just a few minutes of walking.

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