Sunday, April 14, 2019

Selecting The Catamaran Charter Boat

By Lisa Davis

When you planned the vacation tour to those islands at the Caribbean, you and your friends used a yacht as a means for travel. All of you enjoyed the marine vessel that took you sailing and island hopping. The company which you rented the yacht also has a vessel known as BVI Catamaran charter.

Also known as Natures Little Secret, the British Virgin Islands are composed of small and large islands. The main islands are some of its well known tourist destinations, namely, Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, and Jost Van Dyke. You can download travel guides from travel websites available like Online Cruising Guides. Those can be your basis on where you want to go.

Traveling would be most convenient if you avail a sea transport. The company has available yachts called the bareboat Catamaran fleets. Shortened to Cat, this is derived from the Tamil word. Logs tied together is what it means in its native tongue.

The hulls are of the same size and are parallel with one another at the sides of the sailing boat. They are connected together by the boat deck. In larger vessels, the rooms are located on top and at the side hulls. Some vessels have trampolines which faces the hulls forward.

Your vessel may be small, medium, or large, depending upon the size of your group. The vessel can accommodate a minimum of two to a maximum of fourteen people. Small ones have lengths of up to 39 feet. Medium, on the other hand, spans between 40 feet to 44 feet. Large sailing boats span for more than 45 feet.

Naturally, amenities and facilities have to be present for a boat to be habitable. If your group does not exceed ten people, then you can choose a small Cat. Rooms available are four double cabins with two comfort rooms. Unfortunately, there is no air conditioning available for most of them. The rare few only have shore side air conditioning.

It is suitable to rent a medium sized Cat if you reach a number of twelve people. They installed the generator inside to power the air conditioning within. Rooms available are one bunk cabin and four double cabins. There are four comfort rooms found in every corner.

If you have a maximum of fourteen people, then it is better to avail the large Cat sail boat. Like the medium sized one, its air conditioning is powered by a generator. It has four double cabins and two bunk cabins. Comfort rooms are composed of five to six which are spaced apart within the boat.

Each size has a corresponding bonus features within the boat or the company has given you. In small ones, the boat has a chart plotter, GPS and autopilot, along with snorkeling and safety gear, cellphone and VHF, and chart and cruising guide. Medium sized has saloon TV, fusion DVD sound system, underwater lights, and cockpit fridge and ice maker. Large sizes have settee on fore deck with awning, water maker, transom gas barbeque, and GPS with wind instrument and autopilot.

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