Thursday, June 6, 2019

What To Take Once You Book Your Machu Picchu Tour Package

By Jessica Peterson

Machu Picchu is an incredibly town that now lies in ruins. It is quite a site to behold. In order to enjoy the amazing scenery, you need to be comfortable. Therefore, think carefully when packing up for your trip. Once you have confirmed your Machu Picchu tour package booking, then start putting together stuff for your trip. Here are the most important things that you should pack.

It is important that you wear comfortable shoes. This is because you will spend most of your time trekking. Even if you do not trek to the ruins, you will walk around for hours when hiking the ruins. The site has loose stones and it can get pretty rocky, so you need shoes that are firm and stable. In addition, it can get wet, so waterproof shoes are recommended.

Comfort is key when selecting clothes. Dress according to the weather, based on whether you go during sunny season or rainy season. Keep in mind that you will also want to take photos, so choose clothes that will look good on you and match the background. Jeans can be a great choice of clothing, as you can wear it at anytime.

It tends to get cold on most days, just before the sun goes up. Therefore, carry something warm that you can put on at such times. As the day goes on, the weather will get hotter and hotter. So, layer dressing would be the ideal solution for you. Bring along a backpack, where you can put your clothes, as you take them off. Use sunscreen, as the sun can get pretty hot.

You will find some books helpful during this trip. This includes a Latin America Spanish phrasebook. It can help you learn some Spanish phrases, which you can use when talking to the locals. A guidebook can also give you a map of the area. It will also list some activities that you can do, as part of your trek.

Bring along your medications. Some medications can be bought at the town that is located close to the site, but you will need a subscription for some medicines, such as antibiotics. Carry some altitude sickness tabs, as you might get negatively affected by the high altitude. Motion sickness tabs can also come in handy, as the drive to the site can be quite bumpy. Insect repellent will also be useful in keeping bugs away.

Remember to bring along a camera and a water bottle. The scenery is so beautiful, you will definitely want to take some photos. In addition, you need to stay hydrated, so carry some water in a water bottle. There are some water bottles that can keep water cool, which will be quite refreshing for you.

Bring your personal effects. This includes things such as deodorant, cream, toothbrush and a comb. You can also carry wet wipes and lip balm. You can either come with them or buy them from the town that is close to the site.

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