Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Why It Is Good To Start Ladakh Trekking

By Cynthia Bailey

People love exercising but they find it difficult to fulfill all the requirements especially for one that is quite tough. For instance, playing football may require that you know some rules just like playing basketball. The same applies to weight lifting but these do not apply to Ladakh trekking which only requires walking around the city. If you live outside here, you will be stepping up your game by walking from your place into Ladakh and continue to walk around for a few more hours or minutes depending on what you want to achieve.

You are sure that the amount of fat in your body can reduce by walking a long distance every time. If fat accumulates in the body, you can suffer from atherosclerosis and heart failure. Being consistent with this for just 12 weeks can give you a result you will be happy with.

Trekking in Ladakh is often most recommended because of the fresh air that is there. The area has some plants and trees that continuously provide the oxygen you need to inhale to purify your lungs. Oxygenated blood is important because the tissues and organs need oxygen to offload the carbon dioxide they produce during body metabolism.

The tendency to develop stronger bones is also there. The way you walk or stand will also be better as walking regularly also improves posture. Your muscle tone also becomes better and you will be fit to do certain tasks.

There are different techniques for trekking. One of them that works so well is finding a partner. This may be your spouse, brother or close friend. Walking with someone makes it a very easy thing and you wouldn't even know when you have reached your destination point. It is allowed to talk while walking provided it won't make you fatigue. Each person can start with a childhood story, recent state news and so on.

The number of more kilometers you can cover when you have a portable music player can be twice or thrice as much when you are doing it alone. You can prepare for this by not just buying a portable music player but also preparing a compilation of your best songs. These should be songs you are not tired of hearing even if sang repeatedly. Before you are done listening to them, your task of the day's walk must have been reached.

Being consistent is the key to getting the best results from trekking. If you do not have the strength to go one hour or more, you can do 30 minutes and still get some fine results. A good pair of canvas shoes will also make it easier for you. Don't buy an oversized one and buy one that you can easily carry.

When doing this, you may want to add other activities such as sit-ups and hill climbing. This is only advisable if your doctor knows about it and if you have enough strength. But don't waste your time on these if you are still yet to cover your primary task.

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